SUPERpremium PU | Elevating Classic Board Building Techniques: Boards are manufactured in-house--shaping, glassing, finishing--for ultimate quality control. The best materials are picked, including hand selected premium blanks and only the clearest, brightest resins.  



SUPEReps Epoxy | It's Got Pop!: Featuring a lively EPS core with a wood surfboard stringer for traditional surfboard responsiveness, epoxy resin, and 3 different fiberglass reinforcements going in 4 directions for more flex and strength than traditional eps constructions. The unique layering of materials provides pop and a really responsive shortboard.


SUPERflex | Game Changing Feel, Developed by Superbrand: Instead of relying on a wood stringer, SUPERflex uses a lively stringer-less EPS core. Wrapping this: 4 different types of reinforcements going in 6 different directions so that all the flex and strength is engineered into the surface of the board. The result is a consistent feel tip to tail, rail to rail and allows the board to flex naturally with the contours of the wave and in response to applied pressure from the surfer, all while creating a spring back feeling when coming out of turns.


SUPERtech | The next evolution of epoxy technology: A unique dual density EPS core gives all the liveliness of wood without the weight, teamed with our custom carbon layup and double bias glass, these boards have to be ridden to be believed.