Clay Marzo SUPERbrand Team Rider
Clay Marzo
DOB: 7/17/1989
Sponsors: Superbrand Surfboards, JSLV, Futures Fins, Rockstar, Carve, Komunity

One of the most exciting and eclectic free surfers in the world, Clay Marzo has been with Superbrand since day one. A native of Maui, Clay prefers to dodge the pack and surf obscure, off the radar spots that often seem unsurfable to the average Joe. Never one to be corralled, Clay spends weeks on end the endless Western Australia coastline where his go for broke, reckless approach to surfing blends perfectly with the rigged terrain and heavy surf. In 2015 we introduced the Clay Marzo signature pro model, dubbed the Mad Cat, and Clay's been dropping hammers on that board ever since.    



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Clay Marzo Mad Cat Surfboard