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Brett Barley
DOB: 12/11/1989
Sponsors: Superbrand Surfboards, O'Neill, Smith Optics, Real Watersports, On A Mission, Waterman's Sunscreen, Futures Fins, Soloshot 

A lifelong resident of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Brett Barley is one of the best surfers on the entire East Coast. Comfortable in throttling tubes or playful air sections, Brett is also a master video editor and regularly produces jaw-dropping videos and LOL inducing "Fail Friday" clips. A man of many talents, when Brett's not stomping big airs or hunting down tubes he can be found fishing the bountiful waters of the Outer Banks with his son, Masen. For more, head over to 



Instagram @brettbarley

Favorite Products
Clay Marzo Mad Cat Surfboard