The Superbrand Shapers' Collective is proud to present the 2019 surfboard collection. Led by Adam "Sparrow" Fletcher and Brian Brown, the Shapers' Collective is a team of shapers who collaborate to build the best boards for a myriad of conditions, regions and skill levels.

For the 2019 line we've made slight modifications to existing favourites like the Toy and The Madcat and introduced two brand new models - the Tazer and the Blackout. We have also added a bunch of step up dimensions and a brand new construction process we call "Supertech" to our Super Series boards.

Along with new models we're introducing new surfboard graphics designed both in house and by renowned artists Dustin Ortiz and Chris Kepler. Stay Stoked!

#The World Is Super.

Hippy Fling


The Hippy Fling is based off our best selling small wave board - The Fling. Some of our team riders were requesting a fling with a bit more of a pulled in tail...



The Fling Surfboard is designed as a shorter and more modern/high performance take on the keel fin fish, it has all the grooviness of the throwbacks with none of the weird oldness....

Fling Swallow


The Fling Swallow Surfboard  Now available with a swallow tail, the new Fling Swallow gives you all the benefits of the original fling with the added advantage of tighter more positive...

Serial Keeler


The Serial Keeler is a brand new twin fin model for summer 2018 / 2019. Inspired by traditional twin fin design but with a slightly more modern take on it's outline and...

Siamese Twin


                  Originally intended as a limited release, the Siamese Twin has blown both staff and team minds and has quickly become a...

Ben Gravy's El Slammo

From $820.00

THE DREAM IS REAL If novelty waves and good times are your thing, the Ben Gravy ‘El Slammo’ semi pro model is right up your alley! Designed with small, gutless...



The Spam Surfboard Built for speed and maximum levels of fun in small surf with a wide outline combined with low rocker and single to double concave with vee off the...

Magic Mix

From $795.00

Ride 2-3” shorter 1-3 Litres more than your shortboard Aptly named, the Magic Mix is a blend of all the magic elements that go into some of our most popular...


From $820.00

Expanding on our concept for the Unit, the Tazer has been built for speed and maneuverability. Maintaining a curvy outline and a rocker and concave combo designed to achieve maximum...

Toy X

From $795.00

The Toy Surfboard was Initially created as a small wave groveler, the Toy morphed into a high performance yet user-friendly model. Low rocker and a wider outline make for great paddling...

Toy X Junior


The Toy X Junior Surfboard was created for the junior shredder. Low rocker and a wider outline make for great paddling power and a subtle single to double concave creates drive...


From $795.00

Designed by Shapers' Collective member, Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher in conjunction with our team riders around the world, the Blackout is our world tour, elite level surfboard designed for pro level...

Mad Cat

From $795.00

The Mad Cat Surfboard - Clay Marzo is probably the maddest cat we know. His signature model—dubbed the Mad Cat—features all the elements that allow him to go HAM on just...


From $820.00

The Pig Dog Surfboard, with its curvy outline, wide nose, and pulled in tail make it a perfect fit for pulling in under the lip or taking off deep. It’s tailor made for...

Pigdog Pro

From $820.00

The Pig Dog Pro Surfboard. Working closely with the Shapers' Collective - and doing more than his fair share of RnD on the famed outer banks of North Carolina, Brett Barley...

Black Viper

From $795.00

RIDE THE SNAKE The Black Viper represents our pursuit of achieving optimal foam distribution to balance planing ability and rail agility. A curvy outline with a slight blended hip makes...

Ben Gravy's El Slammo Junior


THE DREAM IS REAL Also available in Junior sizes for the mini members of the nub nation. If novelty waves and good times are your thing, the Ben Gravy ‘El...